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Number of the International Students
Area Europe USA China Asia
for China)
M East Africa Others Total
90 12 84 358 16 0 9 569
*Asia : Numbers are except for China.

Organization of Supporting service to International Students
International Students Support Center for Consulting or counceling about daily life, campus life, cross-cultural adjustment etc. Student Consultation Office
The office will deal with whatever problem or trouble you confront in your everyday life, your Japanese language classes, your friends, etc. There are staff members here who will be able to communicate you in several languages.(Arbian stuff too)

Please see the Website.
Information Service on rental room, rental dwelling, and Contract Support Services Agencies operating international residence halls
Please see the Website.
Provision of Student Dormitory Naganuma School Dormitory for Women (Musashi-Kosugi House)
This is a school-owned dormitory for women with double occupancy rooms.
Application is accepted at the school. Please consult us at the time of enrollment.

Please see the Website.
Japanese Language Education Program for International Students About Japanses language Programs Please see the Website.
Social study, sightseeing tours for international students Naganuma school has a lot of events to introduce Japanese culture- stroll in Takaosan-stroll in Kamakura-Disneyland etc., Please see the Website.
Introduction of Home-stay Naganuma school giving information abou Home-stay in our homepage Please see the Website.
Any special attention to Religious Practice Muslim stuff,Pray room,lecture about Islam for hole stuff,halal food information etc.,
facilities (Library etc) Please see the eWebsite.
Please state other particular supporting service you are endeavouring, if any.
Message to Prospective International Students
Message from School Naganuma school Stuff will support you with not only studding but also daily life in japan.

Please see the Website.
Voice of International Students Naganuma school stuff are all kind, giving you a fully support with how to live in Japan and find a job, communicate with Japanese society in good condition.  (Mohamed Hassan from Egypt)

Please see the Website.

Also, please visit the Website to see the interview from International Students.
Overseas Offices, International Academic Exchange Agreements with Overseas Institutions
Overseas Offices Country of Overseas liaison office Its Covering area, Office of the Partners
(eg. JASSO etc)
Vietnam inside Vietnam NVC
International Academic Exchange Agreement with overseas institutions