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Number of the International Students
Area Europe USA China Asia
for China)
M East Africa Others Total
3 1 80 173 57 16 8 338
*Asia : Numbers are except for China.

Organization of Supporting service to International Students
International Students Support Center for Consulting or counceling about daily life, campus life, cross-cultural adjustment etc. We have the staff supporting their Japanese life and study,and some events of cross-cultural activities for foreign students
Information Service on rental room, rental dwelling, and Contract Support Services
Provision of Student Dormitory We have dormitories for our students,149 rooms(Tokyo),54 rooms(Osaka) available
Japanese Language Education Program for International Students This is the main course of our school ( preparatory course for students aspired to go on higher educational institutions such as universities, graduate schools and specialized training colleges in Japan. )
Social study, sightseeing tours for international students We have some programs to see and experience the Japanese culture
Introduction of Home-stay We have the program for the students to stay at a neighboring family several times for one year
Any special attention to Religious Practice We support each student's study environment and everyday life in Japan.
We prepare rooms for pray (masjed) in our school building. We introduce islamic houses of worship (masjed) close to our school to new students.
facilities (Library etc) Experiment room of physics and chemistry
Please state other particular supporting service you are endeavouring, if any.
Japanese Language Education Center (JASSO
Role The role of Japanese Language Education Center

Students of about 30 countries / regions have been admitted annually.

1. Cultivating human resources assume international affairs.
2. Cultivation of advanced human resources to be flourished internationally.
3. Providing leading informative platform of Japanese language Education.

*Japanese Preparatory Education : Teaching of Japanese language and core subjects necessary for foreign students proceeding to universities in Japan.
Features ・Admittance of foreign students of various background
・Corresponding to education for students proceeding to postgraduate course.
・Education emphasized on core subjects for students proceeding to undergraduate course
・Originally created & developed Japanese Textbooks
・Full - fledged education system
・Well ? equipped facilities
・Various educational opportunities other than classes
・Recognized school for preparatory education

Please refer to the following for the details:
Overseas Offices, International Academic Exchange Agreements with Overseas Institutions
Overseas Offices Country of Overseas liaison office Its Covering area, Office of the Partners
(eg. JASSO etc)
Please refer to the
Alumni Association of the international students
Names the websites Names the websites