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① Please read carefully the General Information and 2-(1) Instructions.
 You should submit the original application form with the necessary document(s) to JICA office.

② Application Form is 9 pages includes Check list. Please adjust pages before printing.

③ Recommendation letter should be the original.
 Only the exception is when the recommendation letter is issued in Japan.
 In this case, you can submit the copy of recommendation letter while recommender submit the original to JICA HQ in Japan.

④ There are no fees to be charged directly by JICA/JICE during the selection process.

⑤ Any cost incurred during the selection procedures and any other personal expenses should be covered by an applicant.
- Diplomas, Transcripts, Official Seals, and Translations, or transportation to take each examination.
- Travel expenses to/from selection venue

Application Documents

1-(1), Application Form
*To open the file, please select "Save" button first and then open the file.
(Annex 1) Details of Current and Previous Work Experience (Word/26KB)
(Annex 2) Career Plan after graduation (Word/20KB)
(Annex 3) Research plan (Word/25KB)
1-(2), Form of Recommendation Letter (Word/46KB)
2-(1), Instructions (PDF/1,951KB)
2-(2), University Information for the Applicants (PDF/199KB)
2-(3), Contact List (PDF/208KB)